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My name is Carl.

I currently work as a Senior Data Scientist at LinkedIn on the Economic Graph team.

I was formerly a high school computer science teacher at Nueva, a school in San Mateo, CA. Before then, I was a 2016 Education Pioneers Fellow working at the national charter network Rocketship Education in Redwood City. Before that, I was a 2014 receipient of the University of Chicago's Data Science for Social Good Fellowship, allowing me to work under Professor Rayid Ghani at the Center for Data Science and Public Policy.

I'm interested in using my background and experience in machine learning, statistics and computer science to contribute to societal issues around poverty, health and education.

I graduated with high honors from UC Berkeley in 2013, where I majored in Statistics with coursework in philosophy, computer science and took a number of graduate-level courses in education.

I value curiosity, kindness, introspection, gratitude and play. Although I don't always succeed, I try to act in consistency with my values and stated beliefs.

You can get in touch with me at {firstname}



See this link for a list of books I've authored.